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Have you been looking for a massage therapist? Well I have exciting News for the Backroom Salon! The one and only Ginger from Spirit Rizing - Bodywork & Energetics is coming to the Backroom Salon on Tuesday the 20th of October to offer FREE 10 min. chair massages. This is your opportunity to get her magic hands on you for a whole ten minutes for free! Come down between 12:30-3:30pm on the 20th to the Backroom Salon for your free 10 min massage and experience her amazing talent!
Alittle Before and After of a Bayalage, Noelle did today! #coloredbackroom #sanfordsalon #bestofsanford #colormelt #NoelleBackroomSalon
Exciting news for the Backroom Salon we were voted Best Salon in Sanford by the Reader's choice awards for the 3rd year in a row! We are humbled and bless by this town and will continue to bring you Top Quality Service at the Best prices in town! Look for our Best of Sanford Color Special coming to you soon for the entire Month of October!

Once again thank Sanford, you truly are the best people in the world 🌎 Book Your Appointment with Hair By Noelle at Backroom Salon - Hair Salon - Sanford - Florida We have some exciting News, Noelle is Bringing her Fall Color Special back.

So starting for the Month of September the Fall Color Special is

A Root to End Color Application, Cut, Style and Brow tint and wax...$95

This is normally a $135 complete service and we are discounting it to just $95.00. This is the time that we are going dark for the Fall trends so make sure to take advantage of this offer. It is located on her booking page at under September Color Special. We hope to see you at the Backroom Salon!!! A full service hair salon, voted best Hair Salon of Sanford 2017 and 2018
Even if you choose online school this year, who says you still can’t look fly on video for your classes? #ronacantstopus #shesready #whosnext 😉 #thebackroomsalon #heavenbrown
Good morning ladies it Heaven 🤗

Tomorrow 7/9 for Color, Cut & Style.
If you would like that appointment shoot me a text 407-473-5820 and I will place you on my schedule.

And yes my new client specials and return clients specials are still going on 🤗
So don’t forget to book those future appointments that are still available! See you all soon! 💕
Click the book now button to schedule your appointment! See ya soon! #heavenbrown
Hey ladies it’s Heaven,
just wanted to let you all know that this week and next week are all booked up that fast, so don’t forget to schedule those appointments before June is no longer available! To be added to my waiting list for this week and or next week if I have any cancellations shoot me a txt at 407-473-5820 and I will add ya! Have a great week!
🖤 #heavenbrown
[05/20/20]   As we are super busy I know we said prior to stay in your car until you texted your stylist, Now we would like you to come to the door and wait for your stylist to signal you in as we are not always by our phones to be able to answer text messages and its causing clients to be late to appts which sets us back all day! So please come to door if we are not ready for you we will let you know how long before we are ready! Remember to arrive on time or just a couple minutes early. Do not arrive late and please do not arrive too early! Thank you so much for understanding, we are doing our best to understand and follow the Seminole County mandates!
[05/16/20]   Our entire team want to say thank you to our clientele last week! Yall made it so easy and incredibly fun even with this new normal for salons, we couldn't have made it thru the week without the help and loyalty of you guys! So thank you for coming and following all the new guidelines! We look forward to next weeks clients as we know yall are gonna do just as amazing with these guidelines! Remember to show up on time or a few minutes early, don't bring anyone with you to your appts, and if you want to wear a mask you can but it is not required of our clientele!!!!
[05/15/20]   Yall don't forget we have our MUA Melissa to help get you camera ready. You can book thru calling to set up any occasion makeup application with Melissa! #gorgeousfaces #BackroomMUA #photoready
[05/15/20]   Good morning everyone it’s Heaven 🤗

Although our salon has been open since
May 11th, I personally didn’t want to rush back into the salon so quickly. I am however very thankful for all my regular clients and new clients who waited so patiently to see me. Thank you all!

To those that have reached out to me looking to schedule an appointment, I recently opened up my booking page starting next week and happy to see I am fully booked that quick.☺️
But don’t worry I still have a few openings left for this month, So make sure you all schedule your appointments before this month fills up.

Again thank you all for being so patient and for letting me fix your quarantine hair.
Cant wait to see you all!!☺️

[05/13/20]   We have to say this and we say it in the nicest way! Yall we are on a state mandate to be able to open and work. You must make an appointment there are no walk ins right now anywhere. When you make an appointment please show up for it and show up on time or even a few minutes early. We are on a tight schedule and can not even afford 2 or 3 min tardiness. The books have been made so that we have time to sanitize and disinfect between each client. If you can't make your appointment we understand but please either cancel it online in a timely manner or call your stylist to let them know you are not coming that way they can give your appointment to someone else we have a long line of clients trying to get in as quickly as possible, and by not showing up or calling when your suppose to be in the chair is not helpful. Hair stylists have been out of work for 6 weeks , believe me we all want to work and are working as quickly and as efficiently as we can and we need your help to make this happen. Yes you must wear a mask when entering the salon but you do not have to wear one once your seated in your chair. Our stylists do have to wear one! We are navigating this new way of scheduling and rules so please help us make it smooth for all! And remember we are working super long hours and days to accommodate as many of you as we can, we hope you will bare with us to get everyone in as quickly as possible. It only works if we all work together as a team! This doesn't just apply to our salon, we are speaking for our entire industry when we say now more than ever we need you the clientele to respect our time as we will respect yours as well! Again we are so happy to be back and we as an industry want to keep you safe as well as ourselves safe. Thank you for your understanding,
The Backroom Salon team!!!!
The Backroom Salon
Above Hair Salon Salons open today, so this is a cute and funny way to say what all of us working are feeling! #pleasestayhomeifyoursick #reschedule #washyourhands #coveryourmouthandnose 🗣 Listen 🗣

1. No allergies
2. One cough per customer
3. Sneezing is prohibited 🚫
4. No extra ppl
5. Don’t ride with nobody
6. Hold your breath for 15 seconds

#SalonRules #SalonHumor #SalonJokes #dmvhairstylist
The Backroom Salon
[05/08/20]   Omg yall We open for buisness on Monday all appts remain in tack everyone else books are now open first come first serve. Cant wait to see everyone!!!!
[05/08/20]   UPDATE:We open May 11th for appts only at salon!

So I found out today the part of our licensing that allows Salons to do on location hair is null and void during this government order of phase #1 Per DPBR office. So unfortunately we can not offer any services until we are allowed to be open for services. We can however be open for retail and gift certificates sales. I am sorry for giving false hope that this was legal. It's not and no services are allowed to be performed by us at this time due to governor's orders which trumps DPBR's rules and regulations Again I apologize for the confusion. However the Backroom salon is open for retail pickup and gift certificate purchases please let me know if you need either of those. And again thank you for being patient with us during this very trying time for our Small Business and industry as a whole!

Thank you
The Backroom Salon!
[05/05/20]   So since the governor has not said when we can reopen, I am leaving appts as is until we get a reopening date then I will move them in order to the reopening date! So please leave them alone unless you wish to reschedule your own i have the books open from May 18th on...... but for now all appt over the next 2 weeks will be rescheduled in order of reopening! Even if I have to work Saturdays and sundays to accommodate everyone who is booked! Thank you for your patience in this crazy time! We depending on how long this takes we might consider doing on location hair appts in homes but I need to find out the legality of this as our state board dbpr rules does state this is allowed! I will continually update everyone as we get information, again you can cancel and rebook your appts thru your email confirmation but if you leave them alone I will be doing the rebooks in order as they appear on my books!
We are getting ready for reopening if you have your appts scheduled already have no fear I did not cancel them for the coming week as I am certain on Monday they will announce reopening for us! However depending on what they say Monday I will move appts according to fit everyone in and I will work Saturday snd sunday next if I need to! So sit tight and we wait for mondays announcement on a final date! But these will be the guidelines. You will not be able to bring anyone with you into salon. You will have to wait in your car until I am ready for you inside salon. I will be wear a mask and if you have one and want to wear one you can. I will also be disinfecting after each client so do not enter salon early but please do not be late arriving to your appts either. When you arrive you will text me at 954-993-4614 I will then open the door for you when I am ready for you. I will be wearing gloves and mask but again you are not required. If you are sick please reschedule your appts as I will not service anyone with any symptoms. Thank you for your patience and your loyalty as we all navigate this new normal. Hopefully we will start seeing yall as soon as Tuesday!!!!
[04/02/20]   Attention Clients!!!!

We are offering Curve Initiative Gift Certificates, what are these you ask?
Well we at The Backroom Salon in downtown Sanford are offering these certificates for purchase thru the month of April, if you purchase the certificate for let's say $100 this month in May the certificate will be worth $125 to use towards your services if you wait and use it in June your certificate is now worth $150 if wait till July your cert will be worth $175, if you dont use them by July 31st your certificate will revert back to the orginal price of
$100, this buying time promotion creates revenue for us and gives our clients the security that we will be back and we will be stronger than ever. It also gives you the opportunity to support local with the opportunity to not only save money but buy you some time cause lord knows when the Salons do reopen they are gonna be slammed busy for a few weeks with everyone trying to get in. So this way it rewards you the longer you wait to get in. These certs can be split into different visits but once you turn them in their values stop increasing. This promotion will increase the orginal price of certificate by 25% each month! So if your interested in buying one of these Curve Initiatives Certs please send a text to Noelle at 954-993-4614 and we will arrange a drop off of the Curve Initiative certificates and payment options! The Backroom Salon is located in Beautiful Downtown Sanford and we look forward to servicing our clients again when we FLATTEN THE CURVE!
Me and Heaven on the eve of our last day as life as we know it! After tomorrow The Backroom Salon will close its door for the first time in 4 years, but no fear we will reopen as soon as legally possible! Again we are here still if you need retail or gift certificates. But we will miss you all tremendously and we hope that all of our friends, family and fellow businesses make it thru this mess better than we were before! Stay safe and healthy everyone and remember dont box dye your hair we will come back eager to work, so save those roots for us please!!!!😍🥰😍🥰 and please remember to #washyourhands
[03/28/20]   Okay clients so for the Month of April, we are going to be selling Curve Initiative Gift Certificates. Any bought during this month of closure will increase in value for May and June! So if you buy $100 certificate it will increase in value if used in May by 20% making it $120 or if use in june it will increase another 20% making it worth $140 , if its not used in May or by June 31st the cert will then revert back to its orginal value. So starting April First if you want to buy a certificate to use in May or June hit us up for a 20% per month increasing Curve Initiative certificate!

You can reach out by phone or by messanger to set up pick up times for these Curve initiative certificates.

Again we at the Backroom Salon are looking foward to seeing you all again and your roots!!! This is a great program that I think will not only save you some money in the coming months and also give you a sense of security that we will be back stronger than before. You can also use the certificates in 2 sessions if needed. So an example, let's say you get $100 cert but your service in May is only normally $60 well then you just covered your service in June too! Because you have (2) $60 certs for may and june with the increase. This is just an example and you can get any cert value with the increase of 20% each month its not used until June 31st then it reverts back to its orginal price.
[03/28/20]   Attention clients!!! Due to the new executive order the Backroom Salon is closing till we are not under the order anymore. So if you have appts on the books for the next 2 weeks when you get your reminder emails you can change or cancel your appts at that time! If you need help in rescheduling any appts please reach out to me or heaven and we will be happy to help you do so. Noelle Number is 954-993-4614

Heaven number is 407-473-5820

We will bounce back from this even better than before! We will be anxiously waiting for authorities to let us know of reopening. Please keep making those appts but make them for atleast 2 weeks out! Books are open online. Please keep us and all other small businesses in your prayers for the next few weeks!
Alittle Grey blending done by just highlights! This client is ready to show the world she is beautiful!!!!! ❤ #HairbyNoelle
[03/17/20]   Clients,
We are open as usual for business we are however disinfecting after each client. And we are only trying to do one client per stylist at a time. If your sick we understand that you need to stay home, so you can cancel your appts but if you have an existing appointment and your not sick, we will be there to serve you and keep you looking gorgeous for the lock down!!!!
Photos from The Backroom Salon's post
Photos from The Backroom Salon's post
Evelyn and her bridesmaids
Michelle is glammed for her photoshoot.
Exciting News at the Backroom Salon we now have a profeasional MUA on staff. Her name is Melissa and she will have online bookings available under The book now button soon! But until we can add her you can book thru Noelle or thru messanger on this site. We will be offering some amazing packages for hair and makeup soon!!!! You can check out her work on her fb page for now located under Melissa Cintron (MUA). Below is just one of her Before and Afters of her work! She is amazing!!!! So now The Backroom Salon is really your one stop shop for all your beauty needs!!!!
Sneak peek of some of the changes happening at the Backroom Salon...... stay tuned yall its gonna be epic!!!! Looking forward to our grand re-opening party in April!!!!! ❤❤❤
Please cast your votes now! Help us win our 3rd year in a row!!!! Thank you to our valued clientele without you we would be nothing! We love each and everyone of you!

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