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Balayage Touch up and tone down , Thx Sophia!
Stylist Heather Miller's cover photo
Baby lites 💁‍♀️ Thanks Chrissy!
Balayage .. at its finest .. thanks Sophia Lattuca 💋💁‍♀️
The bland before and fabulously fun after! Thanks Melissa Mangine
Color correction of the day! Thanks Kaitie
Got an awesome cut this evening myself tonight peeps and you will never guess by WHO.... my beautiful mother!! Who took cosmetology 30 years ago in high school. . Girlfriend u still got it! Love you ♡
More fun with balayage , thanks Michelle!
Natural balayage technique , thank you Haley!
Hideaway color thanks so much Melissa Magine!!!
Before a Blondie .. After a Hottie! Thanks Altheia
Balayage lights for this beautiful girl, Thanks Lauren!!
Balayage & Ombre great combo thanks Lisa!
Wedding Hair
Whoever said hair had to be boring ... not Ashley thanks for letting me play!!
Having some fun with Balayage, thanks Haley!
All about the V , thanks Sophia!!
So much fun thanks Lisa! !!
Frizz Dismiss - Humidity and Smoothing Protection
Trial Run Wedding Day Hair Color and Style
After , rich golden blonde with sunkissed highlights
Blonde Bob Bombshell , Thanks Nykie !
Another beauty ready for the summer , thanks Emily!
Brightened up for Summer.. Thanks Kinglsey !
Summer time lovin.. thanks Elena !
Just a few miss fletcher pagaent contestants
Also be on looking out for Redkens new release that will have our hair GROWING like never before !!! Will have to use in the Salon February
[01/27/15]   The Olaplex treatment which will be a 30 min 2 step process with the option of a take home regimen for an additonal cost , the treatment will be available as of today, it will be priced at $25. Take home regimen cost to follow .

1. It is not a conditioner in any way as those normally coat the hair with silicone

2. Nor is it a protein as that can be overused causing brittleness and breakage

3. Olaplex is a unique chemistry that links broken disulfide bonds in the hair which restore strength, structure and integrity internally
[01/27/15]   So excited to introduce OLAPLEX , it is insurance for your hair . Say goodbye to broken ends and damaged hair for good!
Red hair flair ! Bye bye ombre #lovemycareer
Concept Salon #hair #stylist #quote
One of my fav red heads , refreshed with some soft dimension
Ombre from dark brown into purple so much fun #pravanavivids
Before and After thanks Morgan !
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